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"Have we recognized that a menu item accidentally disappeared?"

What is this tool good for:
typical usecases

  • Fast checking after a security update
    You have installed a security update, so “most probably” nothing has changed visually. Are you sure that everything 100% remained the same it was before? Make an automatic comparison with QAShot!
  • New feature on one page - does it break other pages maybe?
    You have developed a new feature to a sub-page. How do you know that it did not break something elsewhere? Make an automatic comparison with QAShot!

Need PRO or enterprise features?

  • on-premise version
  • more viewports (incl. mobile)
  • saved screenshots
  • multiple URLs, campaigns
  • scheduled re-running
  • ignore blocks
  • alerts
  • API
  • 24/7 support

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